I am just giving some feedback. I bought my bra about a year ago and it is the best sports bra I have ever had!!!! I would recommend to any big busted woman. Cheers

Lisa, Christchurch

This is my 3rd sports bra from you and I still love them. I haven't found anything that comes remotely close to this bra :) Thanks

Lisa, Auckland

I ride a horse & these bra's are absolutely fantastic for stopping large breasts from bouncing. With an Enell bra I can concentrate on my riding with no worries about large bouncing boob's!! They also make you look like you've lost weight which is an added bonus.

Happy Kickboxer

The story behind the new bra: I have been entered into a kickboxing competition at the tender age of 45 at the end of March in Porirua. To prepare for this fight I've been working out with a couple of heavyweight boys down here in the Hutt. While training the other day I caught sight of myself in the mirror and was totally horrified. I was sweating like a race horse and the no bounce bra was obviously heavy as a result, but I was in danger of tripping over my own chest! My first thought: better contact Lisa and make sure you get in front of that crowd with a decent new bra :-)


I have to say the Enell bra has been the best piece of clothing I have ever purchased. And I didn’t hesitate when I knew I needed a smaller one as it’s SO good. Thank god I took the risk when I found it on the web, Oprah’s endorsement convinced me. And I hope to be ordering another one somewhere in 2012!

Happy Half Marathoner

I only started running about 18 months ago, and all the sports bras I tried chaffed me so badly I would bleed and scar. When I first ran in the Enell Bra, I was so happy! Because of this bra I am able to enjoy running....I am currently training for the Auckland Half Marathon.


I have been working hard on losing weight and was so excited to be able to order a size3 bra yesterday - my original was a size 6! I do not believe that I would have been able to achieve this without the support provided by my Enell. I never realised how much my confidence was affected by this issue, until I started using the Enell bra. Although I am a big girl I can go to the gym, swim and horseride (yes HORSERIDE) without a second thought about how 'that' bit of me is doing. I seriously recommend these bras to any woman!


I thought you would like to know I bought my first bra 3 years ago( at a demonstration at Curves in Miramar) and have used it constantly since then. I do weights, running, biking, pilates and have even swum in it during a triathlon. Its still doing really well but the bottom 2 hooks have broken. They must be the ones with the most strain! Its is a really good product. I did a short run using a conventional sports bra the other day and it was most uncomfortable! I am looking forward to my new ones.

Janeen S

I have been a customer of Sportsupport for 18 months now. In that time I started doing Zumba and working out at the Gym. Two months ago I purchased 3 new bras well today I needed to order the next size down. Lisa is amazing, had it not been for the Sportsupport bra I wouldn't be able to Zumba til my hearts content without feeling self conscious. Here's to the next lot Lisa!!! Thank you for Sportsupport.


Wow! Its so easy to put on with the front closure design, supportive and secure, and yet soft enough to be comfortable and there are absolutely no areas that dig in the way regular sports bras do. I love the way it covers so much of the breast area that there is nothing left to hangout the sides or budge over the top as you begin to exercise. I've never felt so supported...I feel I can jump twice as high doing Zumba, ride twice as fast on my horse, and run harder than ever before. Exercise is now a pleasure rather than something I dread...all because I am so much more comfortable now, and its instant - as soon as you put it on, you're ready to go! Awesome product, would recommend it highly!

Haley B

The support is amazing! I have never been able to go to an aerobics class and actually have my arms up high 100% of the time. I usually try and keep my arms down as much as I can. I can actually exercise like a normal Person. I am just so happy! Thanks again. I will be in touch about the Lite (Light) bra soon!

Jo M

I got it today - 24 hours after I ordered it - amazing thanks!! I have one already and love it so decided I couldn't carry on wihtout another 1 - too hard washing/drying only 1 when running 3 x a week! Thanks again - Jo

Vickie M

Best money I ever spent was on my first Enell bra, am tackling the Akl marathon again this year and really need another as a back up, wouldn’t run without them. Thanks guys.

Janeen S

Being a big girl, finding a good decent sports bra for the gym is near impossible. Meeting Lisa at the Womens Expo in Palmy was definetly a blessing. My posture has improved and i can run without worrying about getting black eyes :). I went to visit my best friend and she noticed straight away that my posture had improved. Im enjoying my new found friend and plan on buying more. I love the new found confidence i have at the gym. Thank you Sportsupport.


I received the bra the day of my first triathlon. I must say it was quite hilarious squeezing my boobs into it and my partner thought it was a huge laugh. But for the first time ever I ran, and ran comfortably without a max out sports bra with another high support bra over the top! It was all I hoped it would be! Also, swimming in it was really comfortable as well and it did not restrict my swimming action at all. Thank you so much!


This bra is fantastic! I can now run on the treadmill and for the first time not feel weighted down by my boobs or have the feeling of being pulled over .... joy! I am a 14F so this is truly an achievement. The bra is also very comfortable and there are no wires sticking into me or bra straps digging into my shoulders. Thanks again and I will need to buy more since I can now exercise, comfortably and fully supported.


Send me some flyers! Im going to advertise your product until I have a sore throat!!! I did a Body Attack class at the gym yesterday and I didn't move at all, it was the most amazing, thrilling experience ever. I feel SO free wearing my beautiful pink bra. I never realised how much I didnt do because my boobs hurt until then. Thank you SO much.

Bronwyn T

I’ve had my two Sport Support bras for a year now, and I’m back to buy some spares! They are the best sports bras I’ve ever had. They are a bit more expensive and take some getting used to (cos they really flatten your boobs down), but once you’ve used them, you’ll never go back to the conventional ones off the rack. These offer everything you need, you don’t get “jiggling” breasts when you’re exercising, and you feel so supported. Give them a try!

Melissa W

I have the sports bra in Chocolate already; it is wonderful. I do an aerobics class at work and have recently started a kickboxing class! And with a H cup!

Catriona M , Auckland

I came across the Enell sports bra after reading Jayne Williams book "Slow Fat Triathlete" (highly recommended reading for any plus sized athlete - shealso has a website). I struggled for years to find a decent sport bra and this one has finally enabled me to start running again after a number of years. I thoroughly recommend it!!!

Miranda W

Certainly the most supportive sports bra I have ever had. I can go running and even skipping (if I realy want to) without worrying what my breasts are doing, and without them hurting. The Lite Bra is good for low impact exercise like walking or yoga.


Just wanting to let you know that I've now worn the beige sports bra twice at my exercise regime (tends to be a bit like a bootcamp - mind you I've not been on one of those - but its great group work, even if it is hard work) and I've not noticed any bouncing or jiggling about in my boob area! Wonderful and many thanks for your prompt response and encouragement as it means I'm more motivated and trying harder at exercise.

Jo M

I just got my size 4 bra today and with a huge smile on my face exclaimed - "Oh my God I reckon I could run comfortably in this". I'm going out for a run/walk now. The bra is brilliant and the support is excellent. I haven't ventured out for a proper run in years - my chest would just bounce around and I'd feel very embarrassed. So thanks for bringing this product to New Zealand. It will really help me exercise - and ultimately, that will lead to me living a healthier life. You guys rock! Thanks heaps.

Elizabeth Mc

Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic product. I recently purchased two Enell Sports Bras from you and have been amazed with the product. It does everything you said it would and I have certainly put it to the test. Having recently completed a 21 day Outward Bound course, in Anakiwa Picton, I can say this sport bra is awesome. I have run in it, swum, tramped, climbed, dangled from heights, and not once did the bra move or ride up, it remained completely secure and so comfortable to wear. Even so that I wore the same bra for 3 or 4 days at a time, 24 hours a day. Yep it was even comfortable enough to sleep in, get wet, dry and keep on wearing it - fantastic ! I train regularly and have found this product to be great, awesome for the posture, very comfortable and looks good under sports top, t.shirt or formal wear. Thanks Lisa, I'll be back for more, just a smaller size this time, with all the weight I've now lost !

Cherry C.

I recently purchased a sportsupport bra..and it is amazing! It has changed my exercise life - I am a fitness freak, but could never really aspire to reach the higher levels of exercise due to my sore chest. But now I dont feel nor worry about any pain. Im pain free in so many years. I will be ordering another one soon, thank you...

Satisfied Client #3

‘I have just completed my first ever event - The Kapiti Womans Triathlon (duathlon option). I competed in this event wearing the most comfortable and supportive sports bra I have ever worn - your sportsupport bra.I use the bra at the gym all the time and I now find that having a sore chest is not one of my problems at the gym.’

Pryor. R

‘I bought a sports support bra from you just before Christmas. I am just contacting you to let you know that my partner was delighted with the bra which is a good fit and proved very comfortable during our 4 day tramping trip. She was also very happy with the crimson colour. I also found your sales support service to be excellent with the present arriving when needed. Once again thanks for your assistance.’

Satisfied Client #1

‘I was very excited to see your website, although admit being a little hesitant due to the number times I have been disappointed by a bra. Well it turns out I LOVE IT! It gives me great support and I have used it to train for and then complete a Triathlon this year (comfortable in the pool too). I now enjoy running...I never thought I would say that! I always worry about how my bras stand up to constant washing and the Enell is as good as new having been washed a number of times! Your service was also prompt and friendly...I just have to decide now what colour to get next...’

Oprah’s O Magazine

The O List ‘A few things I think are just great’ – Oprah ‘Once you get yourself hooked into this thing, believe me they’re not going anywhere’

Sports Illustrated for Women

‘This is the ultimate sport bra for well-endowed women – you won’t move an inch. Endorsed by track and field Olympian Pam Spencer-Marquez and pro-beach volleyball player Tiffany Anderson.’

Women’s Sports and Fitness

Actress Drew Barrymore was quoted as saying ‘This things going to change my life!’ The best-supported actress in the film Charlie’s Angels would be acting out high speed scenes that would call for real strength and stamina. Drew was never a fan of working out, so Kathy Kaehler (fitness expert and columnist for Women’s Sports and Fitness), had Drew start out on the treadmill. After a couple of weeks, Kathy tried to get Drew to jump rope, but Drew admitted that the high impact exercises hurt her chest. Kathy gave Drew the Enell sport bra, and Drew was able to jump rope and run a quarter of a mile. Now she is comfortable exercising – and she is fit to battle crime!

Runner’s World

The Enell received top reviews for support! Your breasts won’t bounce in this bra! It fits so snugly that many women assume they need a larger size. The extra-wide straps and back cover more area and offer more support. As one happy D Cup runner says ‘With this bra I can run marathons comfortably despite my size. Also I can wash it repeatedly and it doesn’t stretch out.’

Extra Hip

Confidence is what model/Pro-Beach Volleyball player Tiffany Anderson found when she tried on the Enell sport bra, recalling how she used to slouch over, and pull here shirt out with her hand while crowds stood by watching while she jogged at school. ‘I used to slouch over because I was so tall’ Tiffany says, ‘If I had had a good bra like the Enell bra, I would have held my head high, my shoulders back and my arms swinging. Not thinking about whether people were looking at me bounce.’ The Enell has made here more self-confident so she is not worrying about how she looks in a bikini when competing and playing the Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. She is now able to focus on how she is going to beat her opponent.

**   Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, Sport Support cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions from these reviews.

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