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In 2006 and after the birth of our 2nd daughter, I decided it was time to reignite my energy chamber, become a fully active young woman, and a role model for my young girls.
It was time to get fit!
I needed to get out and smell the air so to speak. I entered a triathlon, nothing strenuous, but a goal nonetheless.
Being of the "well-endowed" variety I went shopping for a good sport bra to help me in my pursuit. Not only could I not find a decent supportive bra, they didn't even make them in my size!

Frustrated but still determined I happened to read Oprah Winfreys ‘O’ magazine, her list of "a few things I think are just great", and her love of the Enell bra. I ordered, received and tried out this wondrous vest.
I was thrilled with my purchase, I had never experienced a bra like it..it allowed me the freedom and ability to run, treadmill, do step classes, really anything I like, without being embarrassed or concerned about how my chest may be performing! I have never looked back, the Enell bra specifically designed to ...SUPPORT, STABILIZE and SECURE ....on and off the playing field, continues to exceed all my expectations.

I decided there must be other New Zealand women out there in the same bra boat as me - so not long after my first purchase in 2006 I begun Sportsupport in the hope that you would rejoice in the same freedom and dignity that Enell has brought to me.

Enjoy and compete with confidence!

Lisa Harris
Founder Sportsupport Ltd


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