Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a Sportsupport sport bra and the new Lite Bra?
A. The sport bra is a ‘compression’ style fit designed to wear for high impact activities (running, aerobics, tennis, volleyball, netball, basketball etc.). The Lite Bra has great support for every day low to medium activities (walking, golf, pilates, yoga etc.)

Q. If my measurements fall in-between two sizes on the size chart, which should I buy?
A. Definitely the smaller size, you will get more support.

Q. Do the ENELL Sport - Racer - Lite Bras offer the same amount of support?
A. The 3 designs give a slightly different variation of support. Measures taken on a RVM scale (restricted vertical movement)
ENELL Sport 5/5
ENELL Racer 4/5
ENELL Lite 3/5

Q. I feel a bit Dolly Parton-ish when I put on my Sportsupport bra, is this normal?
A. Because the bra acts as a compression style garment you may feel a bit squeezed in, but when you start to exercise your breasts will actually drop into the bra.

Q. The straps feel a little loose, how do I tighten them?
A. You have not pulled the bra down low enough at the back (and sometimes front). The Sportsupport bra sits much lower than a regular bra . Ensure that you encapsulate any juicy bits of the back area and that it is sitting on the rib cage area .

Q. Do you do fittings?
A. If you live in the Wellington area, you are more than welcome to arrange a fitting appointment (phone 04 2341785 or 027 678 1991).

Q. Can I buy the bra in a retail store?
A. No, we are an online business only.

Q. My bra feels too big/too small, can I exchange sizes?
A. Yes, post your bra back (using the address on the reverse side of your invoice) stating which size you wish to exchange it for.

Q. Can I machine wash my Sportsupport bra?
A. We recommend handwashing, though the bra does wash well (enclosed in a wash bag) in a machine.

Q. Can I swim in my Sportsupport bra?
A. Yes, and without it riding up!

Q. Is custom making more expensive?
A. It depends on how many alterations need to be made (approx. $30 per alteration). For more information on custom making please phone us on 04 234 1785.

Q. Can I arrange to send a Sportsupport bra overseas?
A. Yes, wrapping paper, message card, and ribbon all provided. Please contact us for a shipping quotation before placing your order.

Q. Can I wear my Sportsupport bra for tramping?
A. Yes, yes, yes, tramping, horseriding, tennis, basically any sport/exercise where your breasts need support.

Q. Is the Sportsupport bra suitable for post-operative breast surgery?
A. Very much so. Because of the compression style design the bra is highly recommended by plastic surgeons.

Q. Can I wear my Sportsupport bra for a run/workout then return it if I need a different size/or refund?
A. Unfortunately no. Our return policy states that the bra must be returned in re-saleable unworn condition with swing tags still intact.

Q. Can I pay by direct deposit or cheque?
A. Yes, just follow the simple checkout process and select Cheque or Direct Deposit as your payment method. Once your order is placed we will email you our bank account details for direct deposit. To pay by cheque please include your name, address and phone number on the back of a cheque and posted to our postal address (see below).

Q. What is your contact details?
A. Email: support@sportsupport.co.nz Phone: 027 678 1991

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