Lite Bra

No matter what your size, real support is important while the body is in motion.

Sportsupport is delighted to stock the new Enell Lite Bra.

This is the perfect bra for low impact activities (e.g. walking, golf, yoga, pilates etc.) yet comfortable enough to wear all day long!

Designed for low-to-medium impact activities, the Lite bra provides well-endowed women with options when our high-impact sports bra is unnecessary.

Made from a LYCRA® Spandex blend (90% nylon/10% LYCRA®), this is a great all day bra for physically active women, providing a unique blend of shaping, support and comfort.

Available in; White, Black, Hope (Pink), Lavender

    Features of ENELL LITE Bra

  • Easy front hook and eye closure.

  • Cross-straps provide added back support.

  • Wide comfortable non-stretch straps for motion control.

  • Princess seams and inside shaping form cup area.

  • Bounce rating / support scale = 3/5 RVM (restricted vertical movement)

Price NZ$109 incl GST




Hi Lisa, I ordered 3 bra's from you a few weeks ago, and seriously I will never wear another bra. It is the most comfortable bra for my big girls. I wear the Lite bra's everyday. I havent used the sports one much, but I endeavour to as I start exercising soon. Just wanted to thank you for saving my life.


Hi Lisa, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the fitting on Saturday. I wore the bra for my ride on Sunday, and then for my run today and can already feel the difference!! I felt that it has helped my posture and am loving the fact that my breasts don't move while I run. Plus the fact that I don't get cut up by under wire anymore!! So a big thank you, and I will be sure to tell all of my friends!!


Hi Lisa, Just a quick note to say thank you - it fits perfectly and I have been running around in it and feel very good. It holds everything beautifully.


Will always buy my sports bra from you. Service and product is awesome Cheers


Hello Lisa Loving the sports bra, thank you. I'm looking forward to getting the Lite. Thanks


Hi Lisa, just wanted to say thanks so much for organising the special delivery. I had a long run today that I wanted it for, so I really appreciated being able to get it so quickly. Cheers


The new bra arrived this morning, thank you. Yes, I can't believe the first Enell I got lasted so long. I like to have 2 at any time and have a beige one that hasn't given up yet. I've mentioned Sportsupport to many ladies at the gym but sadly am not allowed to leave your flyer there. < Many thanks


I got introduced to Sport Support in 2014 at Horse of the Year, being a big chested girl (well big girl) I wasn\'t very confident doing sport, horse riding or running, the bounce factor and to be honest it hurt, my shoulders and back. Well 12 months later (and 30kg\'s lighter), I haven\'t looked back, just completed a 47km Endurance run with NO pain, NO bounce, and I love my Enell Sport Support. The confidence it gives you to move, I mean really move, you want to jump up and down just for fun. Thank you, I couldn't live without this support.


Thanks Lisa. Bra arrived Saturday so for the first time in 20+ years I actually ran (& only stopped because I was out of breath, NOT because of my breasts).


Thank you for letting me know of the delay. I am happy to wait and have them both sent at the same time. I already have a black and white one and they are absolutely fabulous. Whenever I see well endowed women out running with little support I want to shout at them get sport support! I first saw an advert at Les Mills gym in Christchurch. I used to find I had to hold my boobs doing speed step during step classes. Not any more.

A, Blenheim

Thanks so much for sending the replacement Bra so quickly, and for the wee sample of 3B. Completed my 10km run/walk today and wow what a difference the bra made!! It is by far the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. For the first time in my life I actually feel like I have no boobs haha!! Once again, thanks so much for your help and support (excuse the pun haha) it is very much appreciated.


Loving the first bra I purchased off you, the best bra I have owned! I call it my wonder bra and my husband said its a wonder how you get it on! I am 52 and have Rheumatoid Arthritis that affects the hands, one hand particularly is crooked so if I can get it on anyone can. It was a bit of a mission to put it on initially as there is a knack to it Rheumatoid or no Rheumatoid but my sister who also buys these said don’t give up and through many giggles gave me some hints. So looking forward to my recent order. I have suggested this bra to others.


They're fantastic sports bras! They're the only kind I've ever come across that really do stop that uncomfortable bounce. I've lost lots of weight largely thanks to being able to exercise properly because of them. They're awesome!


Love the new colour! I'm buying my third Enell bra just so I always have a clean one to use. This is the best sports bra I've ever found and the only one I can comfortably run in. I've just started Body Combat and Box Fit classes and the bra is perfect for that too.


Hi Lisa, love my new Enell bra, have got a baby blue one that gets a good workout with 3 Zumba sessions a week for almost a year now. Wore the pretty pink one, and it is just as comfy as the other one. Have done one session with a normal bra and feel very self conscious as my breasts are bouncing so much, didn't dare to give it 100 percent and throw myself into the workout/party. Thank you and my hubby for my Christmas present...

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